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Creating Discourse for knowledge-based economy; A must for the future

Creating Discourse for knowledge-based economy; A must for the future site management
05 October 2021
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Creating Discourse for knowledge-based economy; A must for the future

We should consider the year 2013 as the beginning of a transformation for the country's economy. Let's shorten the beginning of the movement to get rid of the oil economy to the shadow of oil rigs on the country's economy.

Difficult movement; Because we had to overcome the culture that oil had created in our country for more than a hundred years. So, we started trying to return to the original culture of Iranian entrepreneurship, relying on our own creativity and resources. Scholars and creators came to the fore. The help of specialized and creative manpower was employed. The technology and innovation ecosystem became stronger every day until today we have reached a point where we have built many of the country's needs in various areas of Iran.

This ecosystem has different actors. Creative and innovative houses, accelerators, startups, innovation factories, knowledge-based and creative companies that are all striving to move towards self-sufficiency and progress. Now despite this ecosystem; The knowledge-based economy and the market for attracting skilled and creative people in the country have reached considerable growth and development.

 However, the important point that we should not ignore is the discourse of knowledge-based economy at the community level. In such a way that all sections of the people get acquainted with it and this discourse enters the heart of the society. In this regard, the culture and knowledge-based economy headquarters in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology carries out many promotional activities so that the culture of this ecosystem can be done well in the country.

In this direction, many efforts were made, from holding the Iranian Cultural, Artistic and National Festival to holding a permanent exhibition of “Made in Iran” products in international exhibitions and entrepreneurial events, which was the starting point of any startup activity.

Helping to establish the discourse of science and technology and reforming the economic and scientific culture of the society as a basic infrastructure and the requirement for the country's success in the field of creative economy and achieving the system's goals in the transition from oil economy to knowledge-based economy and achieving resistance economy are among the goals of the headquarters.

 Identifying target groups for the discourse of knowledge-based economics

In the first step in moving towards culture, the target groups had to be identified. This was done with the utmost care and precision to produce content based on each of these groups. These audiences are groups of economic activists, government and governmental institutions, science and technology elites (professors, researchers, and students), the general public, and government centers and organizations.

On the other hand, the planning staff made use of the capacity of influential institutions in the discourse of science and technology and culture-building of knowledge-based economy as one of its priorities, and in this regard, identified influential institutions.

Executive programs to develop the discourse of knowledge-based economy

Also, executive programs were considered by the headquarters to develop the discourse of knowledge-based economy. Expanding entrepreneurial events with a culture-building and empowerment approach, documenting related activities and successes in knowledge-based fields, producing content on related social networks to encourage audiences, supporting the formation of student groups and related colleges, supporting specialized publications Knowledge-based economics, environmental advertising and information in universities and related centers, holding science and technology tours and supporting seminars and workshops for students and familiarizing them with the knowledge-based ecosystem Some of these programs for science and technology elites.

Of course, programs such as helping to launch related publications such as knowledge-based economy and leading, helping to brand successful Iranian-made products through promotion and advertising, compiling economic reports and introducing new business spaces and publishing books related to this field such as Global experiences of top startups were also conducted among economic actors to boost the discourse.

Programs for the general public

However, the public was an important part of the story to develop this discourse, which the headquarters considered a variety of programs for this part. Production of films and serials and related programs in various radio, television and social networks, production of animation and motion graphics for radio and television, production of content in comprehensive social sites and networks, science and technology tours for different strata, interest Taking on student research centers, helping to create student sites, networks and publications, and promotional programs in cooperation with the affairs of mosques and other popular and cultural institutions of these programs.

Documents including Journey of Dreams, Amphibious Plane, Treasure of Knowledge, Creativity Multiplied by 7, Lighting Steps, Production Leap, and Flight to Campus are examples of produced documentaries.

Supporting entrepreneurship events and scientific and technological festivals such as the first national three-minute dissertation competition, Neshan Fi Festival, Alkam Stars, Iran Cultural, Artistic and National Festival, and Inotex are other measures taken by the headquarters.

Publishing is another part of the headquarters' activities for the development of culture. In this regard, the Iranian Immigration Yearbook, a review of the global experiences of startup companies, knowledge of Silicon Valley, knowledge base, excellence and support for production leaps are among the published collections.

 Production of radio and television programs for culture and discourse of knowledge-based economy such as Nasim Danesh, Dirin Darin, .ir, Fanavar, Charkh, Radical 7, zero to one hundred, addicted to oil and ode.

  Implemented programs to create a culture of knowledge-based economy

Helping to create a dialogue and promote the culture of entrepreneurship in universities by establishing a joint cooperation office, supporting various conferences, seminars and gatherings to educate, share ideas and share experiences, help to hold exhibitions and show the achievements of parks, centers Growth in the field of new businesses, holding special training courses for students and professors, documenting and introducing knowledge-based companies, and holding an exhibition of Iranian laboratory achievements are some of the actions taken by the headquarters.

Creative ecosystem development

Of course, in January 2020, the Knowledge-Based Economy Culture Headquarters and the Soft Technologies and Identity Development Headquarters of the Science and Technology Department merged. From now on, the headquarters will include more missions in its work under the new title of creating a culture of knowledge-based economy and developing soft and creative industries. Since then, a new effort has begun to develop the ecology of the creative and cultural industries with greater vigor. So that the number of these companies has now reached 2021.

Also, the boom of creative ecosystem activity by launching creative and innovation houses in different provinces and various specialized fields and increasing them to 15 creative houses in the provinces of Tehran (6), Zahedan, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kashan, Yazd, North Khorasan, Rasht, Qazvin, Gorgan and Qom were followed until the summer of 2021, and according to plans, by the fall of 2021, the number of creative houses will reach 25.

 The headquarters' efforts for a creative ecosystem paid off, and in the first days of July and summer, 1,400 national documents for the development of cultural and soft technologies were issued.

Efforts to continue this movement, that is, to strengthen and establish a creative economy by following the law of production leap by members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly is on the agenda.

 Parviz Karami *


Advisor to the Vice President of Science and Technology and Secretary of the Soft and Identity Technologies Development Headquarters


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