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The magnificent image of the value-creating roots

The magnificent image of the value-creating roots site management
01 October 2022
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The magnificent image of the value-creating roots

Parviz Karami

It is time to introduce our culture more by relying on the innovation and creative ecosystem. According to what the researchers have reached, the ecosystem affects the culture and changes it. Culture is also effective on society and its relationships. When the society accepts the culture, the personality of the people of that society will also be improved. As a result, behavior based on culture and will be observed in line with what society accepts.

Well, now that we have been changing part of the country's ecosystem for years and are trying to bring the benefit of our resources from the underground to the earth and its people, we must witness extensive cultural changes and its growing trend. Although our rich culture has ancient and strong roots, and taking help from these assets makes us richer and prouder, however, historical changes have presented us with challenges that there is no other way different from making changes today.

We accept the fact that the world has changed. We are on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. The Internet of Things and Metaverse and the like are slowly affecting our lives. The speed of information transfer has become more staggering than yesterday. Innovation and technology are widespread in all aspects of human life. Social networks guide public opinion and the minds of communities. Everything is constantly changing. The melting substance of communication is constantly advancing and transforming and changing the shape of human life.

Therefore, in such a situation, creating a new ecosystem is necessary for our society. Native life, which has now settled in our country and is emerging, has touched creativity and innovation. It uses technologies and gives a new product out of it, solves challenges and obstacles and breathes fresh air into the society.

However, the ecosystem of technology and innovation, with all its greatness and power, is considered a part of the whole society. There are other biomes that without their help, support and presence, this biome will limp. Innovations and at the top of it; Social and public innovations, if they are not placed in a systematic format, will bring frustration and fatigue over time. This is the reality of the story. The ecosystem of innovation and creativity is the number one enemy of the oil and raw economy. If we proudly announce that our crude oil exports are double or multiple times before, but our petrochemical technological achievements do not increase, we have lost the rhyme. If our domestic car production increases several times, but there is no penetration of technology and innovation and we are not the owners of value creation, we will face a great national damage. If our social networks become more crowded day by day, but the achievements of our creative youth are not brought to the field and are not seen, we will decline and fall.

Yes, this is the truth; If the system and attitude based on it is not formed in our society, our work is done. Of course, in various cases, we have shown that this systemic attitude exists in our society. The only point to be discussed is the stability of this attitude at different times. For example, in the era of Coronavirus, we saw that by bringing knowledge-based companies to the field and valuing what they had, along with the persistence and dedication of the treatment, they were able to face this dreaded virus and learn great and lasting lessons to record in the history book of this border and land. The situation was the same in defense issues as well. In the face of oppressive sanctions as well. However, in some departments and fields, unfortunately, this has not happened. For example, in the sector of creative industries and cultural economy, I am constantly saddened. I feel sad when I see that there is so much great potential in our country but it is underutilized. This department can't put its words on the chair and reach the desired point without the accompaniment and coordination of other departments from the government and the parliament to each and every member of the society everywhere in this land.

Although one or two years have passed since the notification of the National Development of Cultural and Soft Industries document, personally, I rarely see the cooperation and alignment of all organizations to implement its provisions. Fortunately, it has been a few months since the law on the jump of knowledge-based production was approved by the parliament and promulgated by the people's government, but I am still worried. This concern also stems from the weakness of the systemic approach.

The story of the recent floods is a testimony to my worries today. If the system does not exist in all the elements of the country in relation to the ecosystem of technology and innovation, we will face drought and flood, which, God forbid, will result in ruin and destruction. With a large number of students in the country, in the near future we will face a generation that will step into the public arena more alert and aware. This vigilance and awareness has also been created by us and by providing social networks and communication, industrial and service innovations. Our college generation, with the speed of electricity, they open their way to create new and fresh businesses and move forward. The general public gets to know the news of Iran and the world day by day, and their expectations are getting higher and higher.

If in such a situation, for example, the automobile sector or our pharmaceutical or petrochemical sector, if it is not associated with this ecosystem, it will suffer a drought within itself. On the other hand, a large number of motivated and innovative people get frustrated, and when their demands are overwhelmed, they form a flood of frustration and lack of motivation. We have to witness numerous migrations, wealth generation through brokering and harmful means, the boom of smuggling and many other such cases in the future, and we have to watch the destruction of our society alone, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Helping to strengthen the ecosystem of creative industries and innovation as a complement and assistant to the ecosystem of the knowledge-based economy will be in the same direction as shaping the system in the society. Industry and public services sector should also consider this ecosystem as their own and have a share in its prosperity and fruitfulness. This systemic approach is also created not only by a specific institution, but by the interaction of all the effective parts. Flexibility in dealing with other sectors will lead to the formation of this system and eventually, the world will face an emerging and respectable power and Islamic Iran will be famous in a new image but with deep and historical roots.


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