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The activities and programs of the National Elite Foundation were described

The activities and programs of the National Elite Foundation were described site management
16 January 2022
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The activities and programs of the National Elite Foundation were described

The activities and programs of the National Elite Foundation were described 

Parviz Karami, the spokesman for the National Elite Foundation, described the foundation's most important programs.

Based on its missions, the National Elite Foundation has identified elite route stations and, with the help of relevant institutions, has planned to support those involved in each station.

The foundation aims to design a complete route through the elite route and to prepare and equip elite stations

to benefit from them for national goals and interests.

What you read below is the second part of the interview of the National Elite Foundation information base with Parviz Karami, advisor to the president of the foundation, in which a brief description of the most important activities and programs of the National Elite Foundation is given to the elite communities of the target community.

Facilities for continuing education in the specialized doctoral course (Shahid Ahadi project)

In this interview, he stated that facilitating the educational path of the top graduates of the master's degree program in the specialized doctoral program in the country's universities is another action of the National Elite Foundation.

He pointed to Shahid Ahadi's plan and said: "To motivate the presence of top graduates in the country and create more peace of mind for their studies and scientific activities, the" possibility of continuing education in a specialized doctoral program "entitled" Shahid Ahadi plan "from Two courses are awarded to top graduates: First, the selection of top graduates and second, the allocation of quotas to top universities

Adviser to the President of the National Elite Foundation stated: Introducing the top graduates for admission without exams in the specialized doctoral course to the accepting institutions (through the assessment organization) and paying a part of the specialized doctoral course allowance to the accepting institute are facilities that are granted to the beneficiaries.

Recruitment facilities in scientific institutes (Dr. Shahriari martyr plan)

Karami went on to describe the admission facilities in scientific institutes and said: "To help attract the top graduates of the specialized doctoral program as" faculty members "in the universities and research institutes of the country, the top university graduates can benefit from the admission facilities in scientific institutes."

The participants of this project, by introducing the foundation, will have the priority of being reviewed and accepted as a member of the faculty in the country's scientific institutes (according to the criteria for attracting faculty approved by the faculty recruitment board of universities and higher education centers).

Supporting the research activities of young assistant professors (designed by the late Dr. Kazemi Ashtiani)


Adviser to the President of the National Elite Foundation then emphasized supporting the research activities of young assistant professors and said: "Every year, to enhance the capabilities of young assistant professors in universities and scientific institutes, the foundation provides facilities to those who qualify."

Awarding "research credit" to empower and facilitate faculty member research activities, "equipment credit" to help provide basic facilities for equipping his teaching/research activities, and "cultural-welfare facilities" (including marriage gifts and mortgages), Is one of the facilities of this project.

Supporting top graduates to create knowledge-based businesses (Shahid Razavi project)

Karami said: "Shahid Razavi project is another project that is planned to support top graduates to create knowledge-based businesses."

To support the employment and impact of the top graduates in the knowledge-based ecosystem of the country, the Foundation has approved and implemented regulations in the form of the "Martyr Razavi Plan" in 1399

Accordingly, each year the Foundation selects several eligible applicants to benefit from the support of this department. The Secretary of the Office of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries Development added: Each of the selected credits for empowering or upgrading the business start-up capability (equivalent to 75% of the cost of learning the skills needed to start a knowledge-based business), housing loan/construction loan and marriage gift; And each of the selected technology cores from facilities including initial free financial support, office facilities (location, for one year) and free financial support in two stages (if the company is established and raising capital within three years after benefit from the date of acceptance of the proposal and the approval of the supervising broker.

Cultural-Welfare Facilities (Shahid Rahnemoun Plan)

Adviser to the President of the National Elite Foundation also referred to the cultural-welfare facilities of the foundation and said: to identify top university graduates at different stages, supporting their recruitment and employment and promoting Islamic-Iranian culture in the community This community will be granted facilities in the form of the "Martyr Rahnemoun Plan".

Employment Capacity Credit (equivalent to 75% of the cost of learning the skills needed to be recruited to a government agency or public institution, up to one year after the date of selection), home loan/housing loan, marriage gift Regarding the status of the individual from the foundation, and other cultural facilities (such as emergency loans, pilgrimage trips and the like), are among the facilities of this project.

Society of Inventors and Innovators / Identifying and Supporting Selected Inventions (Shahid Fakhrizadeh Project)

Karami said that to promote the atmosphere of creativity and mental initiatives, the Foundation identifies several registered inventions in three levels every year and to guide them, empowerment facilities to achieve such things as international patents, establishing a knowledge-based start-up company, facilitating the prototyping process. (Semi-industrial) and grants them participation in domestic and international exhibitions.

According to this plan, the provision of empowerment facilities is planned to achieve knowledge-based products and map creation in the national arena.

Supporting the winners of the elite events The National Elite Foundation Communication and Information Center continued by emphasizing the importance of completing the process of empowering the elite communities, saying: welcoming the development and diversity of competitions, conferences, and competitions in various fields and levels and supporting their winners, including activities Foundation is aimed at empowering the elite community.

For this reason, the selected events approved by the foundation, to empower and influence, developing the plan and "supporting the selected person", by the subject of the event and its level, are subject to facilities such as "supporting the selected plan".

Association of specialized areas

The head of the executive staff of the National Document on Soft Technologies and Creative Industries then pointed to the foundation's benefit from the perspective of experts, top talents, and leaders in each of the literary, artistic, and Quranic fields and said:

Every year, the National Elite Foundation benefits from the power of specialized agencies, including: "Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance", "Islamic Propaganda Organization", "Academy of Persian Language and Literature", "Academy of Arts", "Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization", "Council for the Development of Quranic Culture", etc., as well as benefiting from the views of relevant experts, identify the best talents and leaders in each of the literary, artistic and Quranic fields and to facilitate the path of their elite activities, provide facilities for Gives "growth of the best talent" and "influence and role modeling of the top".

He continued: "This way, which is followed according to the regulations of" Identification and support of the country's literary elite "," Identification and support of the country's artistic elite "and" Identification and support of the country's Quranic elite ", has been operational in the foundation since 1396.

Cultural programs

Regarding the cultural programs of the National Elite Foundation, Karami said: "The cultural programs of the foundation, by the country's strategic document on elite affairs, the needs of the country's elite community, the foundation's policies and the current budget in the field of futurists, have been planned in each province." "Holding and promoting beginner growth camps with the cooperation of centers active in the field of talented people", "Implementing the plan to identify the top students of the province by introducing professors", "Specialized jihadi camps using the Foundation's jihadi camp agents", "Specialized jihadi camps managed by the Foundation", "General Jihadi Camps", "Holding and promoting student visits by professional enterprises (Irangasht)" "Visiting pilgrimage centers, Rahyan Noor camp, natural and cultural attractions and other tourist centers that create a sense of national self-awareness and Islamic-Iranian identity" is one of the most important topics of these programs.

The spokesman of the National Elite Foundation said: visiting the exhibitions of supply of needs, knowledge-based companies, active and successful companies in the field of soft technologies, industrial centers, welfare and rehabilitation centers, meeting with veterans, martyrs, and families of martyrs, holding educational and training programs for institutions Professional discipline in the elite community, presence and participation in holding rituals, rituals and spiritual ceremonies, setting up workshops on the basics of Islamic thought, holding educational programs with the content of mutual services between Islam and Iran and the history of Islamic civilization and Iran and promotion programs and Recognizing the principles and values ​​of the Islamic Revolution among future makers is another program, Which is followed and implemented with a cultural approach under the management of the National Elite Foundation throughout the country.

In the end, Karami announced the other titles of the cultural and educational programs of the National Elite Foundation as follows:

Promoting the culture of Anas with the Qur'an and the teachings of Atrat (PBUH) among the future makers

Explaining the epistemological and philosophical system of elites (elite ethics, research ethics, etc.) and its growth and promotion

Implementation of continuous and long-term programs of identity epistemology in the field of religious and cultural upbringing, such as doctrinal studies, instructor-centered training courses.

Meet the ulema

Cooperation in holding internships and internships

Presence of futurists in problem-oriented competitive events and entrepreneurship

Knowledge enhancement and skills training workshops

Training programs and counseling to strengthen family-based relationships (married people)

Marriage education, encouragement, and counseling programs (single people)

Educational programs and counseling for families with top talents in interacting with their children.

Holding trusted legal advice, entrepreneurship, and psychology

Meeting of the officials of the foundation with the community of futurists

Presence of futurists in the ceremony of honoring the elite (in coordination with the office of honoring and modeling the elite)

Elite community meetings with various government officials and other executive bodies to address issues and challenges in that organization or province

Participate in Research Week Exhibition

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology


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