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Golestan Creative and Innovation House was inaugurated. Parviz Karami:

Golestan Creative and Innovation House was inaugurated. Parviz Karami: site management
26 December 2021
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Golestan Creative and Innovation House was inaugurated. Parviz Karami:

Parviz Karami, the head of the executive staff of the National Document for the Development of Cultural and Soft Technologies, said on the sidelines of the opening of the Gorgan Creative and Innovation House: In order to form and commercialize soft technologies in the country and in order to implement the mentioned document, the headquarters of soft technologies and development of creative industries, intends to produce products and services by forming creative and innovation houses, which in People's daily lives are efficient. Following the approval of the National Document for the Development of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries, this deputy has designed and implemented various programs and measures for the development of soft technologies, cultural and creative industries. Currently, there are about 1400 companies and about 70 creative and innovation houses in the country in 10 fields which are known as creative and innovative industries.

Referring to the need to gain a 1% share of Iran in the global creative industries market, he said: "Creating creative houses is an action to expand the activities of these creative companies, soft technologies of cultural industries and boost production of Iranian products" made by them. These houses are the infrastructure used to commercialize the humanities. 

A place for ideas to mature

The Secretary of the Headquarters of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries announced the development of creative companies active in the field of soft and cultural technologies and expressed: Creative houses are the production and breeding ground of creative companies that first enter the creative house as an idea by an individual or teams. These collections after receiving legal advice, mentoring, financial facilities and product development and market development, and They are standardized and receive the Sydman facilities and loans needed to commercialize the idea and product by the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, and the production chain is formed.

 Karami added: "Creative and innovative houses help the idea to mature and go through the stages of idea to product, product to market and market to export."

Trying to stand on top of $ 100 billion

Trying to stand on top of $ 100 billion

Adviser to the Vice President of Science and Technology, stating that creative and innovative houses are the infrastructure for the formation of knowledge-based and creative companies, added: : These companies, along with knowledge-based companies, have the possibility of employing 50% of students and university graduates in the fields of humanities, culture and art, which have been planned and facilitated to attract and create jobs.

Karami said: "Creative industries are also among the environmentally friendly and fast-paying industries that can create and create jobs with a small amount of capital." The turnover of these soft industries and technologies in the world is about 2700 billion dollars. This index in our country, despite the creative and extraordinary manpower, dispersion and geographical advantages and suitable climate, is only 600 million dollars. $ 100 billion has begun to stand on the summit. This will be possible by attracting the maximum number of humanities and arts graduates, who make up 50% of the total university enrollment.

 The head of the executive staff of the National Document for the Development of the Development of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries added This document is a national document that is the product of extensive studies and comprehensive consultations with all stakeholders in the field of creative and cultural industries, each of which has a representative in the headquarters council. In the meantime, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution is responsible for macro-policy-making, coordination and oversight of the implementation of the document. The headquarters for the implementation of the comprehensive scientific map of the country is responsible for monitoring the implementation of this document, and the headquarters for soft technologies and creative industries development of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology as the main custodian of cultural industries in the country. , Is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, monitoring the indicators and facilitating the implementation of the document. 

To cover many creative areas under the umbrella of soft industries

Pointing to the importance of the role of creative and innovative houses in creating the necessary platform for accelerating access to supply and offering products and creating a network of specialized forces in target markets, Karami acknowledged: digital businesses and cyberspace, games, toys and entertainment, industries Handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage, audio-visual industries, design, learning, publishing, medicinal plants and traditional medicine, visual and performing arts, are the disciplines that are more focused on in creative homes.

Karami also stated: The strategy for the development of soft and creative technologies should be designed in such a way that these two types of technologies, which are related but have a relative thematic difference, can grow and develop in connection with each other. It is on the agenda of the headquarters. Secretary of the Office of Soft Technologies and Development of Creative Industries, referring to the completion of the chain of creative houses in all provinces of the country, said: "Currently, many creative areas have been formed under the umbrella of soft and creative industries. Animation and film, reality Augmented and virtual reality, education, learning, content production, games and games, toys, audio and video media, handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage, design, architecture and building, and fashion and clothing are the disciplines that are everyday every decade. Creative companies are formed based on them.  

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