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Education through creativity

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02 August 2022
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Education through creativity



Education through creativity

Parviz Karami*


Education is the greatest service and duty that we could provide to our children and teenagers. When children face the world around them, they become fascinated and mania, and if we keep them on the same path and do not guide them, they will experience many confusions and ambiguities. Therefore, in adulthood, they are captured by cognitive knots, the result of which will be reluctance towards progress and excellence.

Our country is now hosting the formation of innovation and creative ecosystem. The ecosystem, before its formation and sustainability in our country, its maintenance and durability are important. Children and teenagers are the main owners and inheritors of this ecosystem. Undoubtedly, if the path that we have drawn for this ecosystem continues well, in the near future it will definitely need educated, motivated and trained supporters and guardians. In fact, accurate and correct education can give this generation a gift to our land.

The production of educational content according to the needs of the society is one of the main priorities of our country, as we want development and progress, and in the meantime, advanced technologies based on creativity can help us. In the meantime, the penetration of new and modern technologies will cause the education system in the country to undergo transformation and then it will be on the right track for acceleration and progress, but this issue, like many other issues, requires a systematic background and goal setting. I believe that the innovation center and creative and innovation houses can provide this field in a principled way.

In fact, these houses can create a targeted network of education and learning in the country. We know that we have dozens of creative and innovation houses across the countries and these houses are fortunately increasing with the positive attitude of the society towards innovation. Therefore, we can easily count on the networking of these houses for the education and learning system based on innovation. From this path, the ecosystem of innovation and creativity will be closer to evolution.

Creative and innovative houses in the field of education follow different and new ways that if we pay attention to them, we will witness a positive and growing transformation in the country.

The expansion and application of educational technologies is one of the first steps in these houses and one of the first steps of the story. Besides that, new approaches are also very important. That means we have to use new tools and have a new look and performance. Changing patterns and defining new educational models is one of the ways we should perform. Also, talent assessment is a definite thing in this field. Therefore, through creative and innovation houses, we can identify the required force and put it in the education system by creating the process of skill training and talent assessment.

Education, as we all know, is more obligatory than bread for our society. Now that our country's job is to increase the population and seriously pursue the policy of having children, the subject of education policies will be a necessity. Creative companies are one of the safe and valuable sectors that can undertake this important task. Cultural industries and creative economy have a lot to say in the field of education. A strong country requires a strong and educated generation. I hope that the elite society, technologists, innovators, education officials and families will follow the special treatment of the wise leader of the Revolution to creative companies, show the importance of these companies in practice and raise a generation that will be proud of the world and guide the world in its right direction.

* Head of the center and secretary of soft technologies and development of creative industries headquarters

Source: Jam-e- Jam Newspaper


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